Hi Token and Blockchain Generation! The BC Blockchain Forum and DigitalFutures B.U.I.L.D. are working on a genesis project to find out what makes all of us tick. We are gathering this data to capture and share our unique culture and to retain the spirit of crypto as it becomes more mainstream and even adopted by large institutions, such as traditional investment banks. We thank you for spending a few minutes to share your perspectives here.
What are some of the risks and issues of the current models of centralized leadership? *

Why do we need leaders in the crypto industry if we are building a culture of self-determination and leaderless organizations? *

What is your own definition of distributed leadership in the token economy and blockchain eco-system? *

What are the ethics of the token and blockchain generation? This includes values and principles. *

Think about people you admire in the crypto and blockchain industry. How do they create emotional appeal? *

Think about people you admire in crypto and blockchain industry. What skills and knowledge do they have that make them appealing? *

What do leaders in the token and blockchain industry do differently when compared to leaders from centralized organizations, such as Microsoft? *

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